Airline Statistics

Overall Statistics

Total Pilots: 79
Total Hours: 24,414 
Total PIREP's: 11,067
Total Miles: 8,960,233
Total Fuel: 112,833,700 kgs

Recent Statistics

TodayYesterdayThis MonthLast Month
PIREP's: 0 1 14 33
Miles: 0 6,084 35,112 48,093
Fuel: 0 131,699 803,223 1,416,810
Hours: 0:0 13:16 76:11 113:13

Flights by Pilot: This Month

Murray Pilmer614938Fleet Commander
Mike Bell315580Captain
Jeff Fenton23624Senior Captain
Ran Mayron1248Senior First Officer
Ian White1423Fleet Commander
Robert Clow1299Captain

Flights by Aircraft: Turbo-Props

Flights by Aircraft: Jets

Airframe Champions

The top 10 pilots by number of flights across all our most popular airframes

vANZ All Stars

Top 15 individual pilot flight counts and hours totals of all time across any airframe
note: the hours column includes time carried over by members of the previous vANZ site. The flights column does not

Destination Demons

Pilots who've flown to the most domestic and international destinations as currently scheduled.
indicates has flown to EVERY destination available

Top Rookie Pilots

The top-10 new hires rated by flights in the turbo-props (this list only includes pilots pilots up to and including the rank of Second Officer)

Beech 1900DDash8-Q300
Christopher Winter56Pablo Redondo82
Jarrod Christie50Christopher Winter16
Keith Booth19Calvin Waterbury1
Brendon Toogood15
Philip Dunlop10
Dominique de Lambert4
Andre Brown3